Thursday, November 02, 2006

More Taxonomy

A book publicist wrote me as follows:

Gawker ran A Taxonomy of Book Editors a few weeks ago. I think it's worth highlighting this spot-on comment that someone left in response to the Taxonomy of Book Publicists post:
I've always felt editors should have to spend at least six months publicizing books before they have a right to utter one word of complaint. Once they've actually tried cutting through the noise out there from movies, music, politics, television, world events, etc--and had producers laugh at them/hang up on them/yell at them for wasting their time--then they can start complaining about the job publicists are doing.
Here are my contributions:

The Enthusiastic Editor Who Thinks All of Her Books Are Major Publicity Magnets
"This book is about the history of spices. Don't you think Martha Stewart would just love it?! It's also such a natural for the New York Times food section. They could do a feature at her home, which is really lovely. Oprah recently did a nonfiction book. This author would be SO perfect on Oprah!"

The Acquirer of Small Literary Books Who Doesn't Understand Why Her Author Isn't Being Sent on a 30-city Tour
Usually a whiny, mousey type who has a perpetual Charlie Brown aura. Has no clue how marketing, sales, or publicity works and feels she's always getting the short end of the stick.

The Editor Who Acquires One or Two Books a Season and Doesn't Have a Clue About Publicists' Workloads
When you point out that you are promoting 15-20 books at any given time, he still doesn't get it.

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