Friday, February 16, 2007

I Love When This Happens!

A few months ago I consulted with Pierre Epstein, actor and author of Abraham Epstein: The Forgotten Father of Social Security, just out from University of Missouri Press. I recommended that he (1) work with publicist Gene Taft and (2) write a newspaper opinion piece.

Well, wouldn't you know that 1 and 2 led to 3: publication in today's Los Angeles Times of My Dad, a father of Social Security. Epstein shows how history repeats itself and that what's old is new again.

(And if you think Social Security doesn't matter, read or watch Al Franken's announcement of his Senate candidacy, in which he tells how his wife's family got by thanks to survivor benefits.)

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Anonymous said...

First, you gotta have the boots.

So true.
Sounds like a great man - hope he wins the votes!