Monday, February 05, 2007

Better (or worse) than Reality

Entries to the Anti-Valentine Contest (see post below) have been streaming in, several of which caused me to laugh and cringe in equal measure. As it turns out, some of the most cringeworthy turn out to have been inventions. Count on writers not to follow directions!

Consequently, I decided to post a sidebar contest for those whose imagination outstrips their experience:

You Know Your (Fictitious) Relationship is in Trouble When...

Best entries so far:
  1. He leaves you the grocery list on the back of his free clinic test results -- and he has 3 STD’s. (Kim Stagliano)
  2. He tells you about the great party he's invited to...and you're not. (Jennifer Macaire)
  3. You find her address book and your name has a red line through it. (Jennifer Macaire)
  4. He takes the dog out for a walk and comes back with his shirt on backwards. (Jennifer Macaire)
To enter:
Email your (fictitious) entry to {bystander at bellastander dot com} with the subject: FAKE CONTEST. I'll post the results on Valentine's Day--and maybe give a (fictitious) prize.

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