Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Princess & the Pea

On the first two nights of my recent 9-day New York sojourn, I stayed at the gracious home of Alice, an old high school friend in Westchester. For dinner Saturday night she made roast chicken and petits poids (possibly--eek!--canned).

As usual, I was talking while eating. Then suddenly I was choking because I'd inhaled a pea and it was stuck in my windpipe. After much coughing and gasping, I was able to breathe somewhat freely. I joked, "Watch, that pea'll come out my nose," which was much appreciated by the two teens at the table.

I didn't know till Alice picked me up at the train station on Friday that she was hoarse and congested with a wicked virus. So I kept my distance all weekend and washed my hands frequently. When I took my leave on Sunday afternoon, Alice got a wave and her husband a hug. I fervently hoped she was correct in assuring me that she was no longer contagious. The last thing I needed was to get sick (again!) while I was in the city, especially since I was going to stay with an elderly friend.

Monday morning, I woke up tired and a bit draggy and congested; Tuesday more so; Wednesday even more. When I breathed in, I could hear a little wheeze and feel a slight rattle in my chest. Noooo! I couldn't get sick--my birthday was the next day and I had social engagements planned from breakfast thru dinner.

I got into a blasting hot shower and took big breaths of steam. Then I was overcome with paroxysms of coughing. I was sure I'd bring up a lung, or maybe my guts. Nope, just a lot of mucus...and a very small pea, which went right down the drain.

I had a happy, healthy birthday, during which I took care to (a) chew thoroughly and (b) not inhale my food.

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Katie Alender said...

Ew! But I had that happen with rice, at church camp. So all during the evening service, pieces of rice kept making their way out of my nose.

This is officially the grossest blog post ever!