Thursday, April 17, 2008

All Together Now: "Awwwwww..."

Onslow (left) and Snickers.

My friend Stefanie, artistic doyenne of Schuyler, VA (home of Walton's Mountain Museum), sent this pic of my dog Jenny's old buddies. Stefanie writes:
As you can see, Snickers and Onslow are undergoing an arduous practice session for the upcoming Synchronized Napping competition. The following day they did their left side workout.
What's really funny is that Onslow*, a 90-lb Doberman-greyhound (or maybe deerhound) cross, is the only official canine resident of Stefanie's Gracious Home. But Snickers (a Lab 'n' something) is there more often than not--especially when there's a thunderstorm--frequently joined by Brownie (who's black but "owned" by the Brown family) and others. It's not unusual to drive up to Stefanie's and be met by four or five dogs. Till it was latticed over, they all used to hang out under the front porch, where we were sure they had a poker game going.

*named for the layabout in Keeping Up Appearances

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