Wednesday, April 09, 2008


As a counterpoint to the previous post, here are photos I took in Washington last April at Dumbarton Oaks, in Georgetown. It's been my favorite place in the United States since I first visited at age nine. Above is Lover's Lane Pool (my computer wallpaper); below is Forsythia Hill.


Eric Riback said...

I so wanted to go there Sunday when I arrived in DC, but it was cold and spitting rain. So I went to Macy's instead.

Janis Jaquith said...

There's something about a serpentine path that's very soothing. I just want to keep staring at that picture. I have no idea why!

Erica said...

Thanks for posting these beautiful, peaceful pictures. I think if I read one more call-to-action email today I'm going to explode.