Thursday, April 17, 2008

How to Snag an Emperor VIP

GalleyCat reports on 'Millionaire Matchmaker' Patti Stanger's Six-Figure Book Deal:
[Bravo TV show host] Patti Stanger, whose "Millionaire's Club" matchmaking agency renders every Gender Studies major's senior thesis about how 'dating' is a form of socially-sanctioned prostitution redundant, will co-write 'Become Your Own Matchmaker: 10 Easy Steps To Attracting Your Perfect Mate.' World rights to the book sold to Atria at auction for six figures.
(We take a quick break while you scream/curse/groan that a dumb book from a creepy-looking celeb gets a six-figure deal.)

Note that Stanger will only co-write. Which doesn't surprise me, as she obviously had a co-writer for her "10 Dating Commandments for Women." GalleyCat links to #9, a portion of which seems to have been written by the author of the Emperors VIP Club* employee guide:
On the other hand, if a male client insists/complains that you pay out of your own pocket for any part of the date, please report this male member and the incident to the company. It is against company policy for a male member to insist or expect a woman to pay for anything.

*See profane & hilarious "ad" (absolutely NSFW!) on Funny or Die.

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Polly Kahl said...

"a dumb book from a creepy-looking celeb gets a six-figure deal"
Amen! Every time I see her I think she's on the wrong channel. Shouldn't she be over at TLC for one of their makeover shows? (Okay, I'll admit it, meow.)