Saturday, April 26, 2008

Inside Scoop: Gilbert King P.S.

One thing I forgot to mention in yesterday's post about Gilbert King: how he got his opinion piece, Cruel and Unusual History (which has a great kicker in the last graf), into Wednesday's New York Times.

Are you ready?

King had submitted a similar piece to the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, which was rejected by both. He figured "what the hell," and wrote another on Sunday night, which he emailed to the Times on Monday morning. "They got back to me right away," he says. And that was that.

Moral: Carpe diem!


Sustenance Scout said...

Holy cow, Bella, I just visited Gilbert King's site. Amazing all around...the author, the book, the site, all of it. Thanks for the introduction, K.

Doreen Orion said...

His website gave me goosebumps.

What an amazing story (and not just the one in his book, but how he got published and everything after).

Rhonda said...

Hi Bella,

I just moved to the area from Little Rock, where I previously served as an author liaison for the Arkansas Literary Festival. Haven't been able to find a book or literary festival in the area. If you know of anything, would you please post information. Thanks so much. I just found your blog today, but am looking forward to reading and following it. Rhonda

Bella Stander said...

The nearest is the Aspen Summer Words Writers Conference. Denver had a book festival once upon a time, but it died a miserable death and attempts to revive it have so far been unsuccessful.

Rhonda said...

Thanks for the link. Very sad about the demise of the festival, especially considering Denver was recently ranked the 4th most "literary city" in the U.S. I do appreciate the information about Aspen.