Monday, May 28, 2007

Are Children Isn't Learning

Students in Fort Worth protest being banned from high school graduation due to their failing the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills exam. The sign in foreground sums it up beautifully: "Let are kids walk." Full story here.

I can't imagine why anyone would want to "do the walk" at graduation--or watch others do it--if they didn't have to. I haven't been to a graduation ceremony since Baby Brother's 25 years ago and I think my butt's still sore, as there were something like 200 kids in his class. There are 400+ in the Boy Wonder's, so Darling Husband and I were quite relieved when he said he had no desire to attend his own graduation this week. (Or was it on Friday already? I didn't pay attention.)

BW's guidance counselor was shocked. "He doesn't want to do the walk?" she gasped.

"Why no," I answered, "and it's fine with me." I felt like a monster. . . for about two seconds.

My own little monster (6'4" but he's still my baby) also didn't want to go to the prom, or have a yearbook photo taken, or buy the yearbook, or go to any graduation parties. Which are also OK by me.


ks said...

That sign reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon. A bunch of goofy looking people marching in a parade, holding a banner: "Idiots of the world, UNTIE!" Let Are Kids Walk. Aye yi yi yi yi yi yi.....

Michele Lee said...

Goodness, so they don't graduate if they failed right? well if they aren't graduating then why should they be in the ceremony?

Ugh. I got a yearbook, but that was it. I was ready to be out of there and run my own life for once instead of doing what everyone else told me.

High school seniors with 3.5 GPA can't get speech and gramamr right?