Monday, May 14, 2007

Website 3.0...or Cross-Border HTML Slavery

Magic Christian in Quebec read Lookit My Shiny New Website! and offered his design services and mad HTML skillz. He made a new logo and nav bar, added a "News" bar, cleaned up my photo and tweaked the HTML coding. I changed text, colors and headline fonts.

Here's the old site, made by Darling Husband.

Here's my redesign.

Here's the Newer! Shinier! version: Book Promotion 101.

Two heads are indeed better than one--especially when one of those heads really knows what he's doing.

Christian found me through Miss Snark's Get Humerus Poetry Contest--yet more good from one of the few happy events of last summer.


Eric Riback said...

Hey, my head was in there somewhere...

Looks fabu, and a great improvement over the old one.

Christian (aka snarkfodder) said...

Looking good, Ms B! It was a pleasure working with you, truly. And if you become dissatisfied and need more tweaking done (I'll give it a few days ;), you know where to find me.

Mr. Obie Joe said...

Wow. Truly a case of a little bit meant a lot. The tweaking really makes the original concept shine. Congrats on the new site!