Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Quote for the Ages

From Racial rift tears at school in today's Denver Post:
"I am appalled these people say we're racist. My family has been here since the 1880s," he said. "I have dedicated my life to this community. I speak Spanish to their grandmothers. I've delivered their babies. ... I've had that colored boy in my home."
--Vaughn Jackson, M.D., of La Jara, Colo.

Dr. Jackson's son Trey is one of several boys in an imbroglio with their African-American high school basketball coach (father of the "colored boy"). After target practice one day, the lads took a fun picture of themselves holding their guns and giving the Nazi salute, which whipsawed through the Web. Local consternation--make that outrage--ensued.


kim stagliano said...

OK - I'm just a dumb, blue state East Coaster - that quote is from 1880, right?????

Christian said...

Did you catch the comments after that article, and the commenter who defends the man by citing the NAACP? Because, you know, if an organization founded in 1909 can use the term "Colored People," anybody can.