Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mother's Day

What I Want:

What I Don't Want:
--billboard outside a Denver tattoo parlor (sic punctuation)

What I Got:
  1. Sparkly brooch, purchased by myself as a surprise from/to Darling Husband.
  2. An appalling quantity of plants at the Denver Botanic Gardens annual sale, ditto.
  3. Omelet & bacon for breakfast (my choice), lovingly prepared by DH.

What I'll Get...presumably:

A card from the Boy Wonder and maybe a gift--when he finally drags his teenage carcass out of bed. (Note time stamp below.) All I remember from last Mother's Day is that he made me a card with an apology from Gomez, the horse who smashed me all up.

1 comment:

Eric Riback said...

I would givve him to you if I could, really.