Monday, June 04, 2007

BEA: The Pain! The Exhaustion! The Joy!

Well, I'm back from Book Expo, lighter by 70 Book Promotion 101 press kits, 100 fridge magnets and 200 business cards, also 100 VaBook press kits and 50 large cards; heavier by a 2-inch stack of biz cards and 50 lbs of books and catalogs.

I started off on a low note by losing my voice at the very first social event: the GalleyCat party on Thursday evening. So I began the show Friday sounding the way I usually do at the end. What a lightweight I've become! I'm sore all over; feel as though wild horses dragged me away. Will write up my notes and post photos once I recover somewhat.

Thought I'd sleep late this morning, but Jenny the dog had other ideas, so I was out walking her by 6:00 a.m. At least the air was fresh, cool and dry--so unlike New York. For perhaps the first time since I moved here, I was glad to be back in Denver.

1 comment:

Eric Riback said...

from day before: "...Hope my voice lasts."

Oh well.

You sounded so Lauren Bacall. Mmmm.