Friday, June 29, 2007

Makes You Wonder

As I was leaving the Cherry Creek Whole Foods yesterday, I noticed a door to the right of the exit. It was marked:

Customer Service Closet

Which got me thinking:
  1. Is the closet for complaining customers? I'm sure there are plenty; affluent people tend to be more demanding, as I learned during a youthful stint at the Pottery Barn (aka "Poverty Barn") near Bloomingdale's. The closet has a very solid wooden door; no one would hear the cries of a Lexus driver being given a time out.

  2. Is the closet for servicing customers? No one would hear the Lexus driver's cries of passion either.
I'm keeping an eye on that door from now on. A discreet eye, though, as the security guard hangs out nearby. (Hmm... Is he an enforcer of #1 or a lookout for #2?)

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