Monday, June 25, 2007

BEA Star Moment

Me & Darling Husband with a certain celebrity, more or less.

Up on the show floor after the Saturday Book & Author breakfast, I happened by the Grand Central Publishing booth, where Stephen Colbert was signing blads for his upcoming book, I Am America and So Can You. A harried-looking publicist told the scores of people waiting on line that they might not get signed copies. I asked him if I could get an unsigned copy and he gave me the one he was holding. Instant gratification!

Later in the day, Darling Husband (who was an exhibitor) and I went to the Grand Central booth, where we had our pic snapped with Colbert. He was lively and engaging on stage at the breakfast, but in the booth he was flat and cardboard. Exactly like.


Kim Stagliano said...

Great coverage! And, um, how TALL is your husband? I was thrilled when Jenny said "We're meeting Bella for lunch." I said, "BELLA STANDER?!!!"


Bella Stander said...

My husband is 6'2-1/2" (3" taller than me), but he was closer to the camera & I was scrunched down so as to fit next to The Star.