Thursday, June 14, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jenny!

Jenny at Red Rocks last month.

Jenny, the Australian shepherd-golden retriever mix who lets Max encroach on her bed (but never her food bowl!) , is 11 years old today. As you can see, she's turned gray for me (now her silvery-purple tongue no longer clashes with her coat), which has saved me oodles of money at the hairdresser. Though as "the high-maintenance mutt," as Darling Husband calls her, we've more than made up for it at the vet.

She's slowed down in recent years--which means that now she tears around at high speed instead of hyperdrive. (Aussies, I quickly learned, are born to zoom.) However, unlike my last dog, a husky-German shepherd-lab mix, Jenny never got the hang of catching squirrels or rabbits. Which is a good thing, as here in Denver she'd be catching bubonic plague along with them.

Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Tim Schaffert , whose newest novel is Devils in the Sugar Shop.

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