Tuesday, June 05, 2007

There Goes the Neighborhood

Perhaps you heard of the guy with the drug-resistant strain of TB, who recently caused an international health scare by traveling amongst Canada, Italy, Greece and the U.S. Guess where they brought him for treatment the other day? Why, to the pre-eminent hospital for lung ailments: National Jewish Medical Center in Denver, just a few short blocks east of my gracious home.

Meanwhile, varmints in and around Denver are dropping dead from BUBONIC PLAGUE. Most of the cases have been in City Park, just a couple blocks north of my gracious home. A recent fatality was a monkey at the Denver Zoo, which abuts the park. It's thought that maybe he ate a dead squirrel (eeewww!).

I am so taking my vitamins; also checking for fleas and breathing very carefully.


Carleen Brice said...

I hear ya! I'm in the same hood and my hubby works at National Jewish (I used to). Remember when drive-bys seemed like the worst that could happen?

Writeprocrastinator said...

Keep Max inside. Repeat, keep Max inside.