Friday, June 08, 2007

Deep Thoughts from Spam

It's Friday, so of course the Spam trap is filling up. Many messages have the headline: "Can you imagine that you are healthy?"

Right now, the answer is a resounding "NO," followed by a sneeze or a honk into a wad of tissues. I just came from the doctor, who assured me that I have a virus, not pneumonia (I'm draggy and out of breath). She told me that I'd be down for a week and need to rest for another one. Fine by me, as I have nothing pressing till the 22nd, when I'm conducting a "Prep to Pitch" workshop at the Lighthouse Writers Lit Fest.

Somehow I just knew, when I cancelled my June 16th LA workshop the other day, that eventually there'd be a good reason for why registration had been so low. Now there is. And that's the last time I schedule a Book Promotion 101 workshop in the summer months. I've tried them from Maine to California, and there's never enough interest.

Apparently my workshops are like oysters: only good in months with an "r" in them. (Though people go in droves to summer writers' conferences and colonies; go figure.) Meanwhile, I'm heading back to bed with NO PLACE SAFE.

For lighter thoughts from Spam, see Spamusement! Poorly-drawn cartoons inspired by actual spam subject lines!

Update: Here's a new Spam header that really made me think...
"With our Soft Cialis Tabs you can even have sex with you"

When I clicked on it (who could resist?), the full subject line ended "...with your ex." How dull--and how misguided. Cialis sure wouldn't have cured the woes with my Ex, or with any other couples I knew who broke up.

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