Friday, July 11, 2008

I've Got 99 Problems and the Thermometer Is One

It's 99°F outside right now. That's what it says on my Yahoo home page, anyway. When I clicked for the detailed forecast, it said 95°. Whatever, it's too @#$%! hot.

The only consolation--for sweaty people, not gasping plants--is that the humidity is all of 7%. (News flash: Denver is officially a desert, drier than Los Angeles. And it's on the edge of the Great Plains, not in the Rocky Mountains.) In Virginia when it's this hot, the humidity is often as high as the temperature. There were times in Charlottesville when I'd step outside our air-conditioned house and my glasses would fog up. Feh.

Time for more iced tea...

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Doreen Orion said...

You get no sympathy from me (which, I know, is not surprising in and of itself) because I was in NYC all last week. Hot AND humid. OY, was I shvitzing, all the while trying to make a good impression on my editor and agent. Double Oy! How do those NY gals stay so cool?