Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The Light of Dawn!

You'll excuse my gushing, but I love this blog! I especially love my readers! Most of all, I adore readers who leave brilliant comments that lead me to the TRUTH--or at least a happy solution to my email migration woes.

In Bella v Laptop, Solidus left a comment suggesting that I download Thunderbird and use that to import my Eudora address book, then use Outlook to import from Thunderbird. So I downloaded Thunderbird. Nada, even when I imported the Agents sub-address book into the main Eudora Nicknames folder. WAAAH!

Then I Googled the terms Thunderbird import Eudora address books. That led me to the Mozilla site, where I found information about Dawn, a FREE program that converts address books in Eudora (and many other programs) to Outlook (and many other programs).

After uninstalling Thunderbird, I downloaded and installed Dawn. My first attempt at importing didn't work. Then I transferred the Agents sub-address book into the main Eudora Nicknames folder. VOILA! OH HAPPY DAY!!!

I'm still going to have to do some manual work: transferring each Eudora sub-address book (Clients, Family, Friends, etc.) into the Nicknames folder for importation and transferring it back again, then going through each entry in Outlook to put info in the proper fields (I was sloppy about that in Eudora) and assigning categories (Mailing List, Agent, Client, Author, etc.).

But still, I'll take quick, clean-up tedium over endless, brain-melting tedium.

And Solidus, I owe you a drink. Make that two drinks!


Katie Alender said...

Oh, good! I had a feeling there was some solution, but I don't know anything about Eudora and didn't feel qualified to comment.

Solidus said...

Glad to be a signpost on the way to enlightenment!

(But I still have to wonder - Outlook? Really?) :-)

Bella Stander said...

Yes, Outlook (SIGH). Because you can list address book entries by specified field and also assign categories to each entry. For example, I could find all authors in the Eastern U.S. who have taken my workshop and participated at the Virginia Festival of the Book; or literary agents in NY; or family members in the UK.

Eudora has alphabetized, non-searchable (argh!) address book entries, and that's that. Which means I do A LOT of scrolling to find names.

Christine Fletcher said...

I love happy endings! :)

Solidus said...

It's probably too late by now, but Thunderbird has an excellent tool for searching the address book, and the address book itself has lots of fields, including custom fields...

Bella Stander said...

I reinstalled Thunderbird, and found that one can't define each contact w/ various categories, as Outlook does. Anyway, T-bird still refuses to see my Eudora address books, as does Eudora v8.0 (go figure).

I've had enough of Googling for solutions, downloading, installing, uninstalling, etc. So it's Outlook for me--and hours of fiddling with address book contacts.