Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Who's Your Publisher?

I just received an invitation to a book launch party for a debut novelist. Details were on Evite: date, time, place, author's name, book title, plus a handy link to the author's website. mention of the book's publisher. Was it self-published?

I clicked on the link and found a beautifully designed author website, with headshot and jacket image on the first screen of the homepage, just as they should be, plus blurbs by other authors. mention of the book's publisher. Was it self-published?

I scrolled further and found pull-quotes from PW and Kirkus reviews--signs that the book is from a trade house. I clicked on the "Sample Chapter" tab. At the top of the page is the book's title; at the bottom is a line reading "[Book Title] - Now available at, Barnes &, and stores everywhere," with links to the book's page at both retailers. mention of the book's publisher.

I clicked on the "Contact" tab. That page reads:
Contact Me

I am always happy to hear from readers. Please fill in the form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

Members of the media and events organizers, please see the contact information on this page:
[URL for--aha!--a publisher]
This author is not alone. I can't tell you how many author websites I see that don't mention their books' publishers. I've said the following till I'm blue in the face, and typed it till my fingers were sore. Here it is again:

Don't make people hunt for your publisher's name! Feature it prominently, along with your book's ISBN, on your website and in your press materials.

On your Contact page, include:
  • your publisher's name, website link and whom to contact there (usually the publicist; be sure to encrypt his/her email address)
  • your literary agent's name, website link and mailing address
  • if applicable, contact info for your freelance publicist, speakers' bureau and film agent.

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sarah said...

THANK YOU! It always annoys me when I go to a author's website and there is no mention of the publisher or the isbn - just a link to amazon or barnes and noble.