Sunday, October 07, 2007

I'm So Happy!

Big news for authors who are my clients and Literary Ladies Luncheon companions in VA and CO. (Yes, I mix business and friendship.)

Hot press is starting to roll in for LLL VA cofounder Susan Tyler Hitchcock's FRANKENSTEIN: A Cultural History. Per today's Los Angeles Times:
"Her text grows out of such a fertile ground of scholarly research that any chapter might blossom into another volume. Thus it's all the more remarkable that this book is so much fun."
There's a Sept. 25 feature in Wired: It's Alive! How Frankenstein Created a Cultural Monster, AND Frankenstein is at the top of a "Monsters, Inked" feature in the Books section in the Oct. 12 issue of Entertainment Weekly (not available online yet). Grade: B+. Yay!

Colorado resident Kim Reid will talk about her debut book, NO PLACE SAFE: A Family Memoir (Dafina), this Tuesday, Oct. 9 (changed from Oct. 10), on the NPR program News & Notes, hosted by Farai Chideya.

Be sure to listen in--and then buy the book! NO PLACE SAFE is a gripping look back at Kim's teenage years, when she attended an all-white high school while her mom was a lead investigator in the Atlanta child murders--some of which occurred in their own neighborhood.

Alas, News & Notes doesn't air in CO, or in VA. (Like there are no thoughtful African-American radio listeners in either state...) To listen online, click here for program archive. Edit: Listen here.

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