Friday, July 07, 2006

A Little Jab'll Do Ya

Since I broke my right arm on May 1, I've been unable to bend the thumb and index finger on their own. Upon waking and throughout the day I try to make the "OK" sign (which, incidentally, is very much not OK in Brazil). Nothing doing: my index finger always stays ramrod straight.

This morning was the same, and once more I despaired of ever getting my hand--and my life--back in working order. So I went for my weekly appointment with osteopath Dr S in no great frame of mind.

After pulling my arm up, down and sideways (I was astonished at its range of motion), Dr S had me lie down. First he did some osteopathic manipulation--aah, what a relief! Then it was time for acupuncture (definitely not always painless; the finest of needles in certain areas of my face and head bring me to tears, if not sobbing panic attacks).

"I'm going to try some electrical stimulation," he said, then put a bunch of needles in my forearm, to which he attached electrodes. They throbbed, but not unpleasantly. He put more needles in my hand and wrist, scalp and face, but no electrodes.

Twenty minutes or so later, he pulled out all the needles. "Make a pinch," he commanded. To my astonishment, for the first time in more than two months my index finger easily curved and touched the thumb, tip to tip. OK!


Feisty said...

Woo hoo! Gotta love those osteopaths. I had one put me together after a very bad car accident and two years of barely being able to walk. Congrats on getting your fingers to work!

Christine Fletcher said...

Congratulations, Bella! Every little bit...

Leela said...

Hi Bella,
Isn't it amazing how after an accident the most common of hand gestures can represent a milestone in healing; I agree that a good osteopath, especially one who also does acupuncture is a ... (that yiddish word for how good it feels when you take girdle off).