Sunday, July 30, 2006

Recovered Memory...and Camera

Fun at the Denver Zoo, April 2006
Several people have asked me how long it takes to get over a concussion. I often wondered myself. Now I know: about 3 months.

I know this because our digital camera had been missing since my Great Fall on May 1. Eventually I pinned its disappearance on Darling Husband, who I remembered had commandeered it a week earlier, when his daughter was visiting. But a month ago, the Boy Wonder recalled that I had used it last to take pictures of a hailstorm that had come at the frigid end of our day at the zoo, which had started off sunny and in the 80s. I barely remembered taking those pictures, and didn't have the foggiest idea of where the camera could be. I tore the house apart, searching every nook, cranny, drawer, bag and pile. Nothing. Maybe I'd left the camera in the car and the cleaners took it at the carwash? Or maybe someone who came to the house had nicked it? (An ugly thought, as I'd supposed all our visitors and contractors to be scrupulously honest.)

And then I woke up this morning, and while I was lying in bed suddenly rembembered takng photos of the hail. Hmm, I thought. What would I have done with the camera? Why, hang it on the coatrack in the foyer--under my coat so no one would walk off with it, of course. I marched downstairs, lifted my coat off the first hook and...Voila!

Moral: Don't leave winter coats hanging in the foyer all year.

The hail pix were a bust, but here are Darling Husband, me and Jenny
at the Buffalo Bill Museum & Gravesite the day before.

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Anonymous said...

Bella - it'll drive you crazy but these post-concussion head injury lapses last for about six months or so. Things improve gradually then plateau then improve again. The head spinning when I went from a standing to a lying position took me 2 years to get over. And your creativity will be shot for the better part of a year but the good news is, sometimes it comes back better. Wishing you all the best. Been there. Can empathize.