Friday, July 21, 2006

"Reality" Indeed...

Quick! What's wrong with this headline?

'Next Top Model' Writers Threaten Strike
They say producers of the reality show, which is a key part of the new CW network lineup, have ignored their request to join a union.
By Richard Verrier, LA Times Times Staff Writer, July 21, 2006

"America's Next Top Model" is getting ugly. Writers of the hit reality show walked off the job for an hour Thursday and threatened to strike today, alleging that the show's producers had snubbed their request to join the Writers Guild of America, West.


Anonymous said...

If they lose, they can come write for my life.

Anonymous said...

I know two people who work/have worked for then show. It's a demanding job. Moreso than most people would think.

Bella Stander said...

I'm sure it is a demanding job & I hope the writers do get to join the Guild. I'm poking fun at the notion that reality shows are different from scripted shows, and chronicle what "really" happens. Whereas the major differences seem to be only in the rate of pay for writers and professionalism of the actors.