Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Virtual Getaway

It's been hot and mostly arid here in Denver, with temperatures in the 90s forecast for the next few days (though I've learned not to trust the weather predictions here). Except for day trips with Darling Husband, I'm stuck here for the rest of the summer while I wait--often impatiently--for my body to heal.

So here's a refreshing photo I took in Lancashire, UK, last year, just after going with author Mary Sharratt on what may turn out to have been the last trail ride of my life. (That is, if DH has anything to say about it. We have radically different views of my equestrian future.) Pendle Hill, of Quaker fame, is off in the misty background.

1 comment:

Mary Sharratt said...

Thanks for posting the picture, Bella! Ben and Amber say, "Hay!"

Ben is lame, alas. (I personally think he's faking it and taking a mental health break because of the summer school holidays.) Amber seems to be enjoying the summer.