Saturday, June 28, 2008

Quotes for the Week

"With all the guns in this county, couldn't we kill a muskrat?"
--AP, Burrowing muskrat causes levee to fail in Missouri.

“The rubbish fairy is dead.”
--NY Times, Take Out the Trash Precisely, Now. It’s the Law.
Seems that people in Britain are getting fined if their garbage bin lids are open just 3 inches. This is only possible in a country that doesn't have raccoons. (Or street people, who constantly rummage through the dumpsters in my neighborhood and leave the lids open.)


Sarah Winter said...

You have the dumpster rummagers too? It's a constant problem here - we even have a lock on ours, but most of the people in my building don't bother to use it, unfortunately. I wouldn't mind so much, except that the rummagers always leave a huge mess and it's disgusting.

Bella Stander said...

I imagine every city has dumpster rummagers. Fortunately the ones in my alley are neat--nothing like the raccoons we had when I was in high school. They'd overturn the garbage cans and strew their contents all over the yard. Which we had to pick up, because the garbage collectors' job was only to dump the cans into the truck. If the cans were empty, so be it; never mind the garbage everywhere else.

To keep the raccoons out of the cans, my mother started putting edible refuse out on metal plates. So then we'd watch whole raccoon families--and occasionally skunks, yikes!--quarrel over the food. Why my mom & stepfather didn't just buy garbage can locks, I'll never know.