Friday, June 27, 2008

Bella v Laptop

<-- What I looked like (or felt like, anyway) after wrestling with my computer most of today.

For a while I considered sticking with Eudora, rather than manually re-entering each address book listing into Outlook. But when I downloaded Eudora 8.0, I found that it didn't recognize the address book from version 7.1. And that version doesn't cut it for me anymore, especially when it comes to composing and sending my newsletters.

So I'm going to spend the next few weeks engaged in the mind-numbingly tedious task of transferring every single !@#$! address listing from Eudora to Outlook. After which I'll look like this -->

Images from Stoned Agin! by R. Crumb.

P.S. July 1:
See the happy, non-mind-numbing conclusion in The Light of Dawn!


Blair said...

Bella, when I thought to check in to your blog (didn't realize you'd be posting so soon) I saw the vivid images of pain and thought oh-no!

I am relieved and happy for you that the agony is only electronic. So glad to hear the surgery went well!

But my condolences with the slow laptop. I have the same problem. My kids (ie, computer consultants) warn me I have to get some first aid or it will die, but I am scared to part with it till the book is out! Manually copying addresses--there has got to be a better way. Oy, oy, oy....

Take good care of yourself!


Sustenance Scout said...

Oy, technology. Hope you're back on track soon, Bella! K.

Solidus said...

You've probably tried this (and many other things), but a little judicious Googling suggests that you could (a) use Thunderbird as an intermediary or (b, and slightly less elegantly) go via Outlook Express. Why OE should have a Eudora import filter when Outlook doesn't is just one of those MS mysteries, I guess.

Hope the head doesn't melt too much!

Bella Stander said...

Thanks, did lotsa Googling already. Found a site with a link to a special Eudora-to-Outlook converter program, but alas, it's only available to those on Univ. of Aberdeen, Scotland, network.
Tried Outlook Express; no dice. Will look into Thunderbird.

Meanwhile I'm thinking of emailing everyone in my Eudora address books & asking them to send me their contact info. Then I'll download their responses using Outlook. At least it'll save me a few steps--and weed out dead email addresses.