Thursday, June 19, 2008

BookExpo Overview Like No Other

Ya gotta read Paul Constant's Text Message from Los Angeles in The Stranger, "Seattle's Only Newspaper":
On the demented, celebrity-crazed, surrender-happy, endlessly-on-the-verge-of-being-wiped-off-the-planet publishing industry. (Note to panicked book lovers: Everything is going to be okay.)


mimi said...

Paul Constant's article was eye-opening. He's super cynical re the BEA party scene, which was pretty funny, but refreshingly enthusiastic about indie publishers and stores and the possible synergy there. Thx for telling me to read it.

Thx for giving me my BEA fix and I look fw to seeing you next year in NY. But first a question on VABook. I looked at the web site and didn't see this mentioned, which may say something right there, but will self-published kids authors be considered?

Lastly, b/c I don't want to sound gushy, I love your posts and pix and I'm glad you got that thing out of your arm.


Bella Stander said...

Thanks for the good wishes! Glad you enjoyed the BEA fix, Mimi. More are coming soon, once I take a break from wrestling w/ my newly restored computer and @#$%&! email programs.

Yes, VaBook Festival ( will consider self-pubbed children's authors. Application deadline for all authors is Oct 1.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bella! Will give it a shot.