Monday, June 23, 2008

They Let Me Out Again!

Away from Bear Creek in Lair O' the Bear Park

With Darling Husband at the wheel and Jenny in the back seat, late this morning we set off for one of our favorite jaunts: west to Morrison, then up scenic, twisty Route 74 for a walk in Lair O' the Bear Park (love that tacky name!), then lunch at Bear Creek Restaurant in Kittredge, idyllically located on a bend in--you guessed it!--Bear Creek.

But first the painful part: gassing up the Toyota Highlander. When we bought it four years ago, it cost about $25 to fill up. Today it cost $64.75. I haven't driven in almost two weeks, but you can bet that when I do so again (probably tomorrow), I'll be consolidating all my errands into one run.

Back to the fun part...

A female hummingbird dipped into some nectar while I dipped into a margarita at Bear Creek Restaurant.

Jenny made like a cow and nibbled grass after DH and I had our lunch.

I could have spent the rest of the afternoon sitting by the creek near the restaurant (below), but alas, we had to return home.


Sustenance Scout said...

I've yet to take my kiddos to Bear Creek but you've just given me a nice itinerary to follow, Bella. Thanks! K.

Bella Stander said...

It's a GREAT place for kids. Bear Creek Restaurant even has a shaded hitching post for horses, which is regularly used.