Wednesday, June 04, 2008

The Sound of Waves

Before throwing ourselves into the BookExpo hurly burly, last Wednesday afternoon Darling Husband and I had an enchanting two hours at El Matador State Beach (above), north of Malibu.


Pelicans from the cliff top.

Ocean-made art.

Looking down.

Looking up.

From the beach.

Below: Yours truly, snoozing. Ahh, bliss!


Polly Kahl said...

Beautiful pix, Bella.

Carleen Brice said...

I wanted to spend more time at the beach, which I didn't get to do this time. But I did meet Nikki Giovanni!!! And take a very important meeting, so it was well worth it. See you at LLL tomorrow.

Sustenance Scout said...

Glad you got to enjoy some down time, Bella! See you at lunch, too, K.

Christine Fletcher said...

Snoozing on the beach...does it get any better?

Great pics, Bella! Glad you got some downtime while in L.A.

sally nemeth said...

Didn't I tell you? A little slice 'o heaven. Hope you also liked the Greek restaurant?